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I was posting regarding a grande lamp that came cloudy. It was black and clear and an 08 model. Well as I also told you and promised I would keep you updated. The site that I purchased my grande from resent me another lamp for free. Well I just got it on this eve of Xmas that is turning out oh so shitty and well it's literally frozen. Please check the pix. It also has a huge white cloud at the bottom. I dunno if that's from it being frozen or if it's the dreaded dye leak problem. Well guys if you could please take a look at it and let me know what you think it would be much appreciated. I obviously have not run the lamp as it has not reached room temp yet.

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Fantastic. Are you saying I should send Lava World or The website pics, because the website was nice enough to send me a new one for free. Should I try again?
Should I just go straight to LW since the website was nice enough to send me another for free? I mean it's not their fault. All they do is stock the product.
That is amazing alright. At least the fluid had room to expand when it froze. Anyway, if it's possible I'd try to actually
talk to someone from LW and explain what's going on. I'd think they'd want to see the pics and maybe you could work out
something. I'd also take some newer pics that weren't so BIG sizewise. Some businesses won't allow attachments above a certain size, (you can ask whoever you talk to if that would be a problem...)
Just my 2 cents on this..

good luck

I'm so sorry to see the problems you are having with getting a proper working Grande.

I would call and let them know what happened to the new one they sent and see if they would trade that one back for another globe....might be worth a shot if they would be kind enough to try again.

With the liquid as cloudy as it is, it would take a good year to clear it up and it may not ever be crystal clear.
My Grande was about that cloudy when I got it back in '03 or '04 and it still isn't clear. It is satisfactory for me, but still not clear.

I wish you the best of luck.

I will certainly try that. I just want a clear grande :(
I'll give it a try. Thanks
I ordered them from LampsPlus.com. But like I said in an earlier post; the first one they sent was cloudy and you said it would clear up. So I set it to a timer and well it is clearing up. But man I thought that one was bad. This one makes the other one look like it's crystal clear. I guess now it's time to give LavaWorld a piece of my mind.

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