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GE offers Halogena, which is basically a halogen lamp capsule inside a traditional A15 or A19 bulb.

The A15 40W halogen is now available for $8 a pair and sold for use in ceiling lamps. There's no counter-indication for appliance use. It is rated at 2250 hours. I'm not exactly getting great life from my normal bulbs. Anyone have experience with them?

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Remember: Halogen bulbs get very hot.
I don't understand how frosting or halogen affects the heat load on lamp, as long as the wattage is the same. What goes in comes out.

The rating on appliance is 1500 hours, halogen is 2250 hrs. Hmmm the benefit might not be worth the cost.
Just run your lamps in a well air conditioned area. That's what i do, and i get good results. As for the frosted bulbs, they really didn't seem to make that much of a difference when i used them. Clear bulbs do put out more heat though. All lamps run differently. Some need more heat, some don't. Maybe this lava lamp addiction has made us all crazy. LOL

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