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I have used GEL WAX  to make lava goo, using the perc and epsom salt way , you can do the melting in the lava bottle and when it cools it stays as a liquid due to the perc content , when you start to  pour the water into the lava lamp bottle, you SHOULD see the COOL  liquid GEL WAX  staying under the water (IF NOT empty the water / reheat / add a bit more perc / cool and try again.

Once you have the GEL WAX not floating , fill bottle  3/4  with water , turn lamp on heat up the water and then start to add saturated epsom salt water until the GEL WAX  starts to rise  HEY PRESTO  working LAVA LAMP GOO !!!!!! if the wax  stays at the ,bottom, add a drop of liquid soap one at a time until it JUST starts to rise in a large column, TOO MUCH soap and the wax will end up in SMALL DROPLETS. if you have the patience you can make the wax rise in globules  of about  1 Inch  to 11/2 across which looks nice 

I have NOT added any colouring to the wax (but it is available )  this wax DOES NOT stick to the side of the bottle. 


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nice! Can you go a tutorial? what do you use for perc?


As i remember perc is a solvent used in dry cleaning, don't exactly know where to find it easily but I am sure some google digging would do the job.

What does gel wax look like compared to ushal wax - can you post some pics.

i agree!  will you post some pics or a video?  would like to see the gel wax.

go here, it is like see through rubbery jelly and NOT waxy 


Might try this at some point, fue questions though

Do you have a picture of the gel wax lamp?

How much perc is required for this to work? I have used Epson salts before but not much experience with perc

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