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I picked up this glitter lamp off Craigslist for $10. It appears to be a Gemlite Mystique to me but I know nothing about Gemlites. I have looked in the library and it looks the same but I don't know it could be a knockoff. Hopefully someone can help identify this lamp.


Here are some pictures of the lamp but I forgot to take measurements;


#1 Pic of flowing. There are color strips at the bottom of the bottle.


#2 Looking inside the top


#3 The side of the top, notice the seam.


#4 The bottle


#5 Looking inside the bottom. Looks like it got a little hot at one time.


#6 The bottom of the Base, appears the feet are missing and have been replaced with screws.


#7 The base from the back.



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Yep, Gemlite Mystique and a damn good deal. Congrats! 


I just bought two of them on eBay and yes the bottoms get hot from the bulb and warp. 

Get some little flexible vinyl caps (a woodworking shop may have them, for capping the ends of metal rod parts on machines) and stick them up over the screws, and you're set. That's an absolute steal for ten bucks! Lava Lite (red/clear, red/yellow, green/blue) and GemLite versions (large or small glitter) were made of this, the Mystique 800 series, and its companion, the Continental 700 series, which was oval and had diagonally-cut edges on the metal top and bottom, making a trapezoidal view of the globe.

Wanna sell that to me?? haha

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