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Gonna list them tomorrow as 5 globes with each auction. Here is what I'm gonna be selling as far as 32oz globes go. I really want to start to get rid of them as I have no use for them anymore and wouldn't mind the extra cash. All 32oz globes. CRYSTAL CLEAR. All have pretty good flow. Most I received brand new and only used for a short time. Gonna see how this goes then hopefully I'm gonna list more and if your looking for something let me know. I kinda want to get rid of everything.

Yellow/Lime #29
Clear/Lime #19
Blue/Red #27
Blue/White #03
Green/White #28

Clear/Blue #13
Clear/Blue #13
Yellow/Red #02
Clear/Green #12
Purple/Red #21

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What are you starting them at?
i was gonna do each auction starting at $30 so figure 6 bucks a globe which isn't bad.
What happens if they go for only $30?
Then they do, I really don't care, I just want them gone.
I am going to watch the first set. Has some colors I would like to add to my collection. :)
Yeah Green/ White, Yellow/ Lime and Blue/Red are globes you don't see pop up everyday :D
Is that a real #29 in the first group?
I just notices, what's the scoop with your clear/blues? They almost look black, one looks almost teal.
I know you want to be fair and all.....but jeez only$15 for shipping 5 globes? Nice of you, but you could have made it $20 and still be more than reasonable. Hope the auction goes well.
Yea I would check your shipping prices Matt, its only telling me $9.90 for shipping. Im only in Chicago area but that seems awfully low. Dont lose your money on the shipping its not fair to you, the package would be over 30 pounds easy...its 6 pounds per globe average plus packing materials.

Yeah, the shipping has to be off. Only like $15 bux for all of them to me.

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