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I have been hunting Giants and have five in hand; two more waiting for me to pick them up. Not sure if the 2 I have to pick up are Blue/white or if one is green/yellow, but for the price , I didn't even ask :-)

Below is Blue/white, Purple/yellow, Pink/pink, Clear/Red, Pink/pink

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I also wanted add from my previous comment that every single China made Lava Lite I ever bought needed to be put on a dimmer due to over heating!

Howdy Friends!

Appreciate the advice and education on the bases. Haven't really had any time to mess around with my lamps but look forward it.

Been on the road past 6 of 7 weeks which really sucked but scored some good and not so good lamps along the way. My FedEx account is not pretty.

Four More Giants (now 9 total)

(1) Green Blue - Flows great, bottle is beat to hell (California)

(1) Green Blue - Flows good, cloudy, more debris in wax than typical, Bottle ok (Florida, bought with the one below)

(1) White Blue - It has "the Blobs"... a weird wax separation thing that I have seen on smaller globes in the past; the wax is compromised, looks like little dumpling noodles; bottle ok, fluid is clear (Florida)

(1) Purple Yellow - Mint (Nebraska) Boo Yah!

Always very interesting to hear peoples stories when you are buying their lamps..... especially when you are meeting them after 10PM, seriously though..... LOL

Other Scores

Jester & Alien (Florida), and Peace Ceramic (Washington State)

Florence Arts Single Pillar Glitter - Nice condition and flows well (California)

Florence Art 1960's Lava Lamp - Does not flow, cap is a little crusty, base and electrical good (Arkansas)

#20 White Purple Globe (Mint) (Arizona)

Finally back in town for a couple of weeks; will poke around here to see whats been happening.


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