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Recent acquisitions from distributor buyout
FYI. Colossus base is being polished and clear-coated with chrome plating of lunar.

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Shut up!

7/8 more to ship to me.
UPS managed to break one in transit.
Wow! Major lamp envy!


Talk to me about the red glitter bottle, is this what we were talking about? PM details please.

Cool on the other ones!!

More pics

these bases were polished and one was Brass Plated by my guy

too bad he dented the hell out of the brass one

I found a better chrome plating company in Dubuque IA that knows how to plate and polish thin material

3 getting ready to convert and tools to open caps

How in the world did you get the metal caps off so clean. I practically mutilated my grande metal cap to get it off. I don't have it anymore as I had to peal it off like a food can,I just have the rubber plug lol. Mine fought me like prying a dead carcass away from hyena.

its called patience

you start with a knife and open it up between the glass just enough to get the small screwdriver in-between the glass and cap.

Do this with the globe on its side.

rthen roll it until you go all the way around\then use the brad remover to wider it more

a little bit at a time

then i use a small ballpean hammer to flatten out all the kicks created by the tools removing the cap




Sorry to say, but you might be screwed on resealing it, as nobody i know of makes replacement caps.

You may be able to find a rubber outer cap with hose clamp form a plumbing supply but,..?

Claude, thanks for the info, I see no reason why a metal disc placed over the rubber cape and then fastened with strapes over the neck then secured around the neck wouldn't work.

Hmm.. Yeah

ever have one of these explode on you?

at least if the cap isnt in place properly, it will be a missile when it lets go

Check the forums, someone found a rubber plumbing cap that would work, I could send you a metal cable tye to secure it and show you where to get the epoxy


These are GRANDES not Colossus

The one (1) Colossus globe can be seen on the left side

3 more complete Grandes and 4 mint condition bases, wave machine, and LL Mushroom table lamps on their way 

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