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Anyone bought one lately? Thinking about getting a kit.
No recent posts about their quality or CS. Just wondering if they have gotten any better or still struggling?
Kind of crazy on the shipping too. Especially if you don't get a quality kit or incomplete.

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They have worked OK for me

Have redone a lot of lamps with them

Sometimes mixed results when i first started  but usually Acceptable

Just dont overheat the goo when heating it to put in globe

Use water-bath in slow heated pan of water and monitor it,

do not microwave, its too easy to overheat it

  I just got my 3rd kit after having good results with the first 2, this one seems stuck

making blobs, big ones or little ones but only blobs.  So far nothing I have tried produces stretchy goo. 

I am hoping it will mature after running a while.  It's only been 2 days so far.

Definite progress being made.  1 looking pretty good, 2 coming along and 1 I just put

some more PG in.  Right now 3 out of 4 I enjoy watching.  So I'm pretty happy with my 3rd batch of MT goo.

Sounds good, thanks for the info!
Went ahead and ordered a mini kit. Haven't received any acknowledgement of order yet. I guess customers are not their priority.

they are not like ebay with tracking #s and such, most vendors are not.

Haha, thats funny CJ, just received a UPS tracking number. Should be here Thursday.

Steppin up~!

I don't recall ever getting a tracking, but its been a while since i ordered one

I always got my Paypal  conformation when I purchased

Well, I guess they didn't. It was a email from UPS, not Magma.
Never ordered anything from any seller that didn't acknowledge the sell. Not all give tracking info, but at least a acknowledgement.
At least its on the way. Going to go to Micheals and get some candle dye. Want blue wax. Read Gookit dye is not very good for blue.

Did the kit last night.  Everything seemed to go OK no problems.

Running it now.  Was not expecting clear wax.

Did your Gookit grow breastesss?

This shows how clear the wax is.

How she sits now.  Only been on for about 2 to 3hrs.  Temp on base is around 124deg.  bottom of globe is 105.

Any idea on what this needs? Just getting blobs that usually only go about 2/3 the way up.
Also, lots of marbles and peas sit on the bottom and don't rejoin the main wax blob. Wax is fully attached to coil.

Is it hot enough?  Mine do best at 115 - 120.   I would usually add PG 1/2 ml at a time till the blobs reach the top (giving it 5 minutes or so between additions.)  I don't know what you are using, just surf? The other thing I might do is mix up some salt solution and add 4-5 drops at a time till blobs reach the top, giving the same kind of time between additions.  My first thought is still lack of heat, though.

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