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I've finally done one Grande with a Goo Kit, and have two more kits on the way to alter a couple others.  I just used the old 2 coils (one was big, one was small), well cleaned, from the original grande.  The flow was actually quite nice, but the liquid was all cloudy.  All seems good :-)


Anyway, I bought my first goo kit some time ago, and it had the killer spring/coil they sent with it.  Saving it for that special lamp, whatever that may be. 


Has anyone used the mesh screen thingy that it comes with?  How well does it work? 


Thanks in advance!!


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I tried the mesh and did not have luck with it. I didn't really know what shape to cut it in (there are cuts already made in it, but I wasn't sure what the F you're supposed to do with it), but whatever I did, didn't work. They don't really provide any instructions on it either.
I used the screen on my 32oz green/white goo kit. it works pretty decently. i used half of the screen and manipulated it until it resembled an imitation coil (it ended up being two c shapes stuck together. getting them to stay together while putting them in the globe was a little tricky, but it worked out. it flows like a regular single coil lamp

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