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I spent my evening and night trying to make 2 Jet bottle flowing good with Gookit.

I just throwed the result in the toilet!

On my gookitted Fluidium Grande, I've got a big snaky flow which I tried to replicate in the Jets.

I made 2 bottles exactly the same, with 7ml of surf (1% as advised).

The flow was like an egg shaped blob raising. Very boring.

So I decided to remove some surf from one bottle and add some on the other.

After hours of running, both lamps showed the same boring egg blob.

One bottle had about 3ml of surf, the other a total of 17ml!

So, contrary of common believe, surf doesn't change the shape of the flow.

The difference was the speed of raising blobs.

The lamp with lot of surf was slower. Strange!

They were both overheating (coil problem) and having bubbles.

So, is anyone managed to get good result with Jet bottles on a 40w bulb?

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I'll tell you what, I jus got a goo kit and have had nothing but trouble with it.  I won't go in to all the different ways the goo has failed, but I will tell you I agree-surf from Magma Tower does little to change the flow.  I finally have 2 completed lamps from that goo kit, and BOTH required an astonishing amount of DAWN dish soap to even kinda achieve the flow I like (no big fat blobs!).  I also had to use some epsom salt solution. I used regular, blue Dawn and have had no clouding at all, even after several cycles of cooling and heating.  I hope you didn't really flush your goo down the toilet!  But in my opinion, and experience, adding Dawn-even LOTS of drops of it-won't kill your goo and may be the only thing to get it to work if you want some stretchy goo.  At least until MT fixes whatever they've started doing to make goo boring, or a flat waste of time, effort and money...

Here's one of the troublesome goo kit lamps:

Yes I did flush them in the toilet!

It was 2 Jets so, no much wax lost.

(and I did try to add large amount of dish soap without result).

On my Fluidim Grande I've had issues with micro blobs everywhere and planned to re do it, but the flow is so good I'm affraid I won't get it back, so I leave it like this:

At first I thought it was too snaky, but now I think it suits perfectly the shape of this lamp.

I don't understand why some goo kit do snake flow, when other do blobs.

I was thinking it was depending of the amount of surf, but now I know it's not.

I think it depends on the size of lamp - goo kits are really designed for larger lamps - 52 - grandes (your fludium hear is the same as a grande). I have found that goo kits can work in any lamp 16oz upwards but it does give a blob like flow, the way to improve it is to just add more surf.

I have gookited a jet (http://oozinggoo.ning.com/photo/gookited-jet?context=user) and the outcome has been good but its not very snaky like the Mathmos jets. 

I also have to note that the batch of wax and surf that i am using is a older batch and there have been reports of the newer batches not being up to scratch.

Yes I think you're right, it depends a lot of the lamp shape

But there should be a way to modify the flow somehow.

(my batch is an old one too and I had nearly similar results as yours, not what I'm after, even if yours looks more dynamic than mine)

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