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Hi fellow gooers!  I've posted some threads on issues I was having with the goo kit from MT.  They sent me another kit and I've done a blue lamp with it.  Picture attached below, the flow is stunning!  I'm running it full 40 watts.  The orange one that I had problems with (the first goo kit I bought) is starting to flow better, each cycle it gets better.  I find that the two goo kits I did run good without the dimmer.  ALSO, for the blue one you see I only used about 5 ml surf. 

Just wanted to do the follow up with many of you who helped me and gave good input.  When I get the vinyl stickers on the lamps I'll post pics of them,  we did two hockey lamps: Pitt Penguins and Philly Flyers. 

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The second image (light blue) is gorgeous. How exactly did you get that shade?

looks great!

Hi Ben, just using the blue dye supplied with the goo kits.  Actually purchased separately.  We are adding more each run to darken the blue, we're going for a dark blue.  I'm throwing a lot of dye at this goo, must have used the equivalent of about 5 pea-sized portions so far.  Thanks for the compliments Brad.

I like the blue one Vince

Hey Brad and Jack thanks for the compliments.  Both are running fabulous now, sealed and finished.  I have to post pics one of these days soon.  I am looking for a 52 oz. globe to goo kit-- do you guys know of any available? 


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