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Here is my boy Floyd who i rescued after my other cat passed away. Hes a mix of a GQ model and Baby Huey, just a big dumb animal lol.

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 Beautiful dog Keith, Dobermans are extra special in my book.

 Update pic with our new addition... Lexi aka The Weasel

And the old girl... Molly aka The Moose

Both are rescues, the only way to go.

Keith said:

My "little" Sweetie Baby doberman, she just wouldn't stay still except for this one:

Keith - looks like she's moved in!  Congrats - she knows...

Lamphead - Great pics, especially like the one of the Weasel.  :>)

I LOVE me some dogs!  My two are also rescues, and so special to me.  Both of them were on the euthanize list in different shelters when they were rescued by Austin Pets Alive - an organization responsible for making Austin a no-kill city.

FRom top to bottom our cockatiels Hans and Verde Hans is the grey and Verde is the white they are both rescues then there is phoenix our lovebird we bought her from a breeder and she is almost three months and off of the camera we have our female mouse raider her owner was giving her away and back in Massachusetts i have two parakeets sunshine who is a beautiful yellow pied and Sabrina who is a lavender periwinkle and grey in color lol


My main criteria for judging a person's character is the way they treat animals.   I am beyond happy to see that I have joined a wonderful group of people here!!    All your all's babies are precious, and remember that a few dogs/cats/animals rescued out of millions might not seem to make a difference, but it certainly does to the animal you rescued!!!   Blessings to you all....Libby

Yeah i have always had a soft spot for animals they are God's creatures and deserve respect and love my animals live better than me and my boyfriend

Thanks everyone.  We have 3 dogs and 2 cats.  Two of the dogs are rat terriers/jack Russell/whatever mixed, the dobie, a tortoise shell cat and a siamese.  2 of the dogs & 1cat are rescues, the other dog was a pup from a stray momma 13 years ago and the other cat was also a stray.  We had another dobie for nine years, she passed 13 years ago.

Love those dobies Lamphead!  We had a black years ago

LampHead said:

 Beautiful dog Keith, Dobermans are extra special in my book.

 Update pic with our new addition... Lexi aka The Weasel

And the old girl... Molly aka The Moose

Both are rescues, the only way to go.

NIce to see tons of people who love animals

I've got 2 little ones!

This is Bella.. she's a morkie and spoiled rotten!

and this is Daisy.. she's a new addition to our family.. my friend found her abandoned and abused :( We adopted her and she's settled in and adjusting quite well but she's not all together well.. we're treating her for heartworm. She came to us in pretty dire condition (vaginal infection from being used in a puppy mill, very, very scared of people, mastitis, heartworm, and a tapeworm!).. but just look at her now!

We don't know what she is for sure but we're thinking she is a maltepoo.

Thanks for sharing your furry friends Cherry!

Bless you, Cherry.  I have a couple of rescues.  I wish I could rescue them all - so much good in this world (I'm an optimist), but admittedly, so much sadness, too.  Thanks for being a part of the good!

Amen!!  Bless Cherry and everyone who rescues stray and abused pets.  We've done it for nearly 20 years, and these babies having medical care and a loving home are worth it all.  They are spoiled rotten and love it!!  So do we.

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