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Here is my boy Floyd who i rescued after my other cat passed away. Hes a mix of a GQ model and Baby Huey, just a big dumb animal lol.

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Wait, is that injury FROM your cat?!

Yeah, the cat bit him

Yikes I'm scared of that cat !  LOL :)

This is Cookie, my Carolina dog, 13 yo

Buck, 5 yo, Pittador or Labbull, whichever you prefer. 

this is my big fat bulldog brutus the love of my life :)

Here's my bully Foster, during a rare moment of inactivity.

(Tiffany - Brutus is awesome!)

thanks Rob! foster is adorable :)

Got this little guy Monday his name is Judah and hes a little sh!t keeps waking me up inthe middle of the night meowing in my eye then licking my face lol.

awww he wuvs you!

Cute kitty Shawn! :)

Nice pussy Dr.!

Wild strain male Trinidad Guppies from my breeding colony + some juvenile Swordtails.



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