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I did my first GooKit about a week ago - blue water, red goo in a 32 oz. Lava Lite globe. Turned out excellent. I used 6ml of surfectant. It flows great, but all the blobs are perfect medium-sized globs of goo. No stretchy globes, no different sized globs, really.

Would adding more surf change the flow? It doesn't flow like my 90s lamps, which I'm ok with. I'd just like to see more stretchy flow instead of perfect globs going up and down.

Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll just add one more ml of surfectant and see how it goes.
Yeah, I know. I can't wait to do another one!
No lava stuck yet. I started with 6ml on my 32 oz. globe.

Thanks to you both for your responses.
Good tip. Thanks!
Photos please
Here's a photo of what I'm taking about:

Actually, I dumped the water this evening and went with green. :) 7-8ml of surfectant. We'll see how it goes.

If I'm reading this correctly, it says that you require 10 mL of surfactant per 1 quart (32 oz) of water. But in this thread we are talking about using 6 mL and 8 mL.

Is the 10 mL considered too much?
I'll have to add 2 more ml then. Thanks for the heads up. I was too lazy to figure out that 1 litre = 32 oz. until after I had made my lamp :)

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