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Hey, I was able to pick up one of these babies at the local BigLots for only $28.00 (they had 2 more there when I left)

I thought it was a deal- especially since I did not have to have it shipped to me only to be ruined in transit, and I was also able to inspect it at the store to insure it was not cloudy before purchase. I am running it now- and even though it is China made, it flows pretty well- not nearly as good as a 90's globe, but it flows very favorably indeed. Only time will tell if it will keep it up- the display model at BigLots was totally screwed- the lava looked like puke (not white anymore and had dark spots in it) and the spring inside was broken and rusty looking, probably a product of the severe overwork of a display unit, but I doubt that because the lamps weren't even at this BigLots when I was there about 4 months ago. Anyway, I only bought it for the base- didn't have much faith in the globe from the get go, so to this point I have been pleasantly surprised.

It's totally tacky, but I love it just the same. I really hope they release some of those resin models they have pictured on the web-site, I would like some of those for sure, if even only for the bases and caps (I don't mind pitching the globes if they are crap), probably the only way I would buy anything from their triffling asses right now anyway.

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Very cool!
I saw a Barack lava lamp on ebay the wax was clear not white at all. Im glad to hear that your globe works ok! But Im still not have'n any parts of that new china crap

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