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Hey guys and girls, I just got my grande up and running again (finally found bulb alternatives yay!), and while I'm at it I'm going to go ahead and replace my coils, because they're still factory stock.

I'll probably go up to Lowe's and find some good stainless steel springs, but I am wondering what you guys think are the best configurations.  Should I go with two that are about the same size as the stock ones, or would it flow even better with larger diameter coils?  What about smaller coils, but using 3 in a bullseye configuration?

I found a few threads on OG about this stuff, but I'm finding a rainbow of answers, so I'm still on the fence about what to get and why.  Right now I'm thinking about getting larger diameter springs, and using two like the factory configuration...just larger springs.  Also, is it better for the springs to be "denser" compressed, stretched out, or does it even matter?

Thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts about it! :)

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