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Grande goo replacement with Magma tower goo kit and UV green dye

So here's some video of grande I restored using a magma tower goo kit. I ordered their UV green goo dye but as you can see it really came out as more of a pale yellow. When cooled the wax does look a little like UV green (more UV yellow IMO) but when that bright grande bulb hits it it look like how you see it. I'm still pretty happy how it turned out since it was my first attempt at swapping out wax and water AND using a goo kit.

I used my phone to take the video so it looks quite "blown out" at times







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It's so not fair. :(

Yeah I just used distilled water as directed and it worked out great. I have some pics I hope to post as well

I like the light show that goes along with it. What is that?

I have tried 4 times to fill my grande with 4 different goo kits. It STILL refuses to flow. At MT, they said it was because my lamp wasn't hot enough...but it's the same old grande, and the same 100 watt reflector bulb. :( I've given up on ever trying to make a gookit grande.

Wow that's crazy! In contrast I couldn't believe how easy it was. I was really skeptical of the wax flowing without needing to create buoyancy with Epson salt but after about 4-6 hour so fht elamp being on it was flowing better than most lava lite lava lamps I have.

The bulb may have weakened in strength from use? Have you tried a new bulb?

It was a new bulb.

They just keep sending me bad goo...OVER AND OVER, I told them this last time that I would not be ordering from them again. That really sucks...it's half my business!

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