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Hi guys! I literally just joined about a week ago, but anyway...

I have a 12oz accent lava lamp I am planning to refurbish with a goo kit since my last fix with the volatile Epsom Salts had ruined the wax a while back. I ordered a mini goo kit from Magma Tower back in May, but it has not yet arrived. Does Magma Tower ship their products to Canada? If they do how long does it usually take for orders to arrive?

I know it sounds silly to goo kit a lamp of this size, but considering how it flowed the first time i fixed it, it really shows that you can pack all that action into that tiny space as long as you pay VERY close attention to detail.

Anyway here is a video of the lamp back in its glory. I recorded this with my phone so the video quality isn't that great..... oh well :/


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