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Hi Folks, they arrived!  I was able to snag the Grim Reaper resin and pumpkin lava lamps new this year from Amazon.  Unfortunately, they are both cloudy and the scythe of the reaper is broken.  I did email Lava Lite and asked what they can do.  They have been good to me in the past so we'll see.  Anyway the lamps a freakin cool looking.  I swapped out the cloudy with another black/clear and the orage with a #5 US globe whcih is orange and white.  i'll post pics when the lava starts a flowin'  Scott

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Agreed Bohdan...I took my re-chem'd black/clear and tried it. It looked pretty good. I tried a 1996 #2 red/red which is just about clear and it rocks. I guess it is hit or miss. Another thing is the bulb base buried really deep. if you don't have long fingers or a bulb assist then your in for a tough time screwing in the bulb. I haven't tried cycling the new globes to see if they will clear up. I had a black clear from January that finally cleared by mid-march. A long time to wait if you ask me. But like you said, if you don't have the replacements or God forbid you buy it for a gift it will be an instant turnoff to the masses who aren't expecting it. I am counting on the customer service to come through again. I honestly think they are trying to do the right thing and correct problems when they occur. I posted some picks of the new ones. I checked Amazon and they were out of stock but said Target would have them. S
Loving the red lava with the reaper!! :D
Well, Here's the deal....I email Lava and they got back to me in about 10 minutes with a request for the slip from amazon and my address. Yesterday Two brand new lamps: A Grim Reaper and a Pumpkin with 'clear' globes were on my doorstep, Fedex'ed second day. i think this company is trying really hard to cleanup the image. This is the fourth time they have taken care of a problem for me.
I got the reaper and pumpkin lamps recently:

The Pros:
-I really like the way the bases look... and I'm not at all into Halloween. The reaper looks cool and has a pretty good paint job as do the pumpkins. I also like the way they're 3-Dish and stick out from the base rather than being more flat against it.

The Cons:
- Can you guess the first one??? Of course you can... :O)
The globes arrived beyond "cloudy". The black/clear was/is disgusting and looks like it's filled w/ skim milk. Just completely useless, as is the orange/white globe. That one looks like it's got watered down orange juice in it.

If ya can't make a damn clear liquid then stop selling disappointing crap already.

-I put my old and perfect orange/white globe in the pumpkin base and it totally over heated after awhile. The reaper also over heated when I tried a few different colors in it (on separate days.).

I'd write to LL to perhaps ask for replacement globes but I can't imagine they'd have any clear ones for me and I don't need 2 more pieces of crap.

-The bats on the pumpkin base look like a quadriplegic child painted their faces. A horrible job.

-The scythe/arms of the reaper were difficult and nerve wracking to snap in place while trying to not break them.

Overall I still really like the bases but I would much rather have had the option of just buying them instead of having to also pay for uselss ugly crap cloudy globes to clutter my house with.
(I forgot to add as one of the Cons: That other skull resin base that they had sold for about a week or so was cooler than the reaper. I totally wanted one of those).

I know... it's all total crap now. And I'm with you: but w/out being polite (I think we only had to do that in that other thread) I'm saying that the fact that the LL representative, in that other thread, claimed that they're still using the same formula is clearly a lie and for that person to expect us to believe that is offensive.

It's not just the liquid that sucks either: A few months ago I went to Spencers to get one of them 32oz orange/blacks they sold (for about a week also, I guess), but they didn't have any.
I bought a 52oz green/clear. The liquid was OK, a little cloudy but not horrible. But the lava sucked. It just forms two or three big balls and then eventually all ends up at the top doing nothing.

I could still write them but I already have 2 excellent orange/whites.
But I do need a clear and working black/clear.
I also already had one of those but I bought it when they were using that ugly green-ish glass for the globes and it's of course kinda cloudy too.

Thanks for bulb tip. :O)

I don't know if this means anything as far as shipping/cloudiness goes but I got mine from http://www.eliminatorlightingdirect.com/Lava_Lamps_s/78.htm rather than Amazon.

This place sells a beautiful orange/purple but in that stupid 20oz size. It's a beautiful color combo...why not make it in 32oz?????????? Damn!

Done complaining now. :O)
Hello I just bought a Grim Reaper lamp and it is very milky cloudy and the lava does not flow. I created a post and was wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix the lamp please. Also the slasher is broken. I also bought another Bats lamp and it is very cloudy and the base isn't painted.

Thank you for the help ...
Bubblybubble: Send an email to: Paula Rogalski. Her email is PRogalski@lavalite.com Tell her the situation and she might send new lamps to you. I did this for both my cloudy reaper (broken sythe too) and pumpkin and they sent clear ones. Also in January she replaced a clear/black - black-chrome 52 oz'er . You can also jump in with both feet and try re-cheming your cloudy lamp. There are plenty of smart people here that have posted info on how to make you lamps better. Personally I like revamping my lamps with my own brew but that's my opinion. Scott
Emailed but never heard back Still waiting
Yes, that's the skull base I was talking about. :O)
I love that one! There was a guy here who's brother painted his to look more like real old bones... looks excellent!
Is it a clear globe with working/flowing lava?
Well I'm glad everything turned out OK in the end for ya.
I never did understand how a globe could become cloudy just from shipping/shaking when so many others show up clear.

I'm no scientist but I don't think the shaking changes the chemical composition (or whatever) of the liquid so it just makes sense to me that once it settles it should clear up again.
But obviously that's not the case. So frustrating.
I think the surfactant they use is the culprit. I did a few exp's with different soaps and one ate and I mean completely ate the goo. So it wouldn't be a stretch to have them start to dissolving in transit...Especially the black goo. It seems to get attacked the worst. and, once it emulsifies there is no return. Just a quick blurb, Vodka (ethyl/grain alcohol) makes a great surfactant and won't dissolve goo like soap does.

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