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Hi all, it's been ages since i've been on OG but I had to tell someone of my recent bargains.

A copper Astrobaby - or is it an Astro lite?

Got it for £4.

And a Crestworth Gunmetal Jet In glitter form for £3.50.
It has a black bottom with grey metal base and a grey metal cap.
It has the slide type inline switch.

This one is the one i'd like to find out more about if anyone can help.

Especially what watt bulb as it seems to go really fast with a 40w bulb in.

I may try a 25w instead.

Thanks in advance.

Loads more "normal" type Mathmos and Crestworths too.

All the best, Wazzer.

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Beautiful lamp Wazzer!  I have no idea what the original bulb may have been, but the glitters I have (Lava Lite) run better on 25watt bulbs.  Good to see you're back ;)

I will check when  I get home.  I have a copper Crestworth glitter Jet and a gunmetal lava Jet.  I will provide specs on both.

Thanks all for your help and kind words.


if the Glitter sinks when cold, 40w is the correct bulb.

If it stays on top when cold, you should use 15w bulb.

PS: by the way, at this price it's a steal :-)

Hi, the glitter floats when cold.

I tried a 25w bulb down from the fitted 40w one and it's a bit better.

Thanks for the advice, i'll see if I have a 15w bulb to see what it goes like then as it is still a bit fast even with the 25w bulb.

I get a good few bargains from time to time.

I recently bought a Fantasia Firefly Fibre Optic lamp with original box & instruction sheet for £2.

I know it's not a lava lamp but it's still a nice object.

And it works too.

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