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Our sub-division has an annual garage sale sometime near the Memorial Day holiday. There is a good chance I will be selling quite a few lava lamps. More details to come on the actual garage sale dates and my location (Far North Suburbs near Great America). Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

Lamps will be primarily US made Lava Lite.

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Oh, and if those stimulus funds are burning a hole in your pocket, I can douse those flames. My Colossus has been on the market for awhile and is still available. Will you like the price? No... but I'm OK with that. 

Can you drive 'em all by the QC so I can get a look? :D

I may just be tempted to do that. Let me check availability in the QC area for McDonald's Hot Mustard sauce. Can't get it in the Chicago area. Chicken beaks and assholes, err McNuggets, just aren't the same without it. I am food motivated. 

Erin said:

Can you drive 'em all by the QC so I can get a look? :D

LOL!!! I didn't even know McDonalds had hot mustard.

I'm selling some of my lamps, too.

Are either of you happy sellers going to offer your goods here, or are you strictly looking for in-person sales to the denizens of Chicago?

I am only selling a small handful of my less than perfect lamps. I might only have 2-3 left. I'm just picking one to put on eBay after the current one sells. 

Jim,  I am in Milwaukee.  Close to Great America (this shows our age).  If you have any Florence Art Co glitter lamps or a Saturna?  Those are the ones on my hunting list.



My parents are in Deerfield.

Jim.... you’re killing me! One day we need to finish our sale lol

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