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Okay, I am all ready to GooKit a Grande.

Got 3gal of distilled water, my GooKit, and a assortment of different width stainless steel

coil springs, each is 12'' long.

I have the following sizes: 10, 12, 13 and 14mm wide.

I noticed my Grande has 2 coils in it. One about 4'' wide, and another smaller one sitting

inside the larger one.

They both look like the same width, maybe about 1/4''.


I havent received the goo color I want to use yet, so have to wait before I start my project.


Here is my question; which of my coil springs should I use to replace the old ones?


Also, should I use 2 coils, as they did at the factory?


My 14mm spring is made with thicker wire than the others.


Something else weird I have noticed when I filtered 2 of my Grandes, I noticed a strong odor of

turpentine!!! this surprised me, the GooKit has no odor.

I am thinking there may be something volitile in the wax of these Grande's, so I used extra causion.


I have never opened a US made LL, so I do not know if the turpentine smell is normal or not!!

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The ones I have are high quality SS. I could find no better.

I dont think these will go bad in my lifetime ;)

If I use a single 14mm coil (which has thicker wire) would I still need a second coil?

Someone on another thread used a 15mm coil for his Grande, but didnt say if only using the one.


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