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Please tell me what to do/ I have no clue how to save the lamp. As soon as it happened (which was literally about 45 minutes ago) I read everything I could on the net and saw everything from keep it on heat to get it cold as fast as you can. Now I'm so confused that I'm ready to just chunk it ! Please can someone tell me what to do. Any real help would be appreciated! :-)

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Nevermind -found out how to do it on E-HOW. Also ignore the fact I have two of these posted up here. I don't know how to delete it and I'm totally new to this. Learning as I go. So, anyways I'll see how the lava lamp turns out. It will sink or swim right?!!!!! :-Q

calm down. let it cool. keep running it on a heat-cool cycle for a week or so.  it will be fine.


you might have to do this for a week or so, but be patient.  And dont chase snakes.  let the snake come to you.

Let it settle for a while. Cold corner in the house.

Then run it regularly on a heat and cool cycle as Rici said.

If it's bad, A timer will help.

If it's an older american lamp, it will recover over time with regular use.

Thanks again. I'll give it a go and we'll see what comes out in the end. It's one of those cheap Target ones, but the colors were cool.  Anyways--thnx for dialling me n! Yeah my snake is spoiled rotten- 17 yrs old and thinks he's a spring chicken.  It was bed ti,e and he decided it wasn't his! LOL!

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