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Hello I recently got an antique Mathmos lava lamp from a friend in the UK.

I brought it back with me and she told me that the last time it had worked was in June

She told me to change the lamp and it should be fine 

I got these lamps:


which have identical specs to the burnt out one 

and then I got this http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Goldsource-STU-300-W-Watt-Step-Up-Down-110V-...

as the transformer but the lamp wont turn on 

What could be the issue ? Is the whole thing just fried ?

Is the transformer not good enough?

The back of the plug says 250 V @ 2.5 Amps of the lava lamp the transformer is rated at 300 W 

I dont know much about electronics so please help

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Have you checked the fuse in the plug?. Often this blows when the bulb fails.

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