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Hi everyone! Im a new member here, and i just want to say this place is awesome, I never expected to find such massed enthusiasm for Lava Lamps!

Anyway, I really need help with something.

8 days ago my friend gave me a Lava Lamp, all was fine until in day 5 after she gave me (or 3 days ago from i wrote this) the wax in the lamp became a bit hardened or something like solidify, i dont know what it is called. However, it still floating up and down again like normal lamp, but the shape was so ugly and not as elastic as before.

Here are some pic of my lamp :(

As you guys can see, the wax looks very weird, it seems like the wax has been solidified, it also move slower and slower not as attractive as before. I've search the web and haven't found a way to fix it.

Btw i never turn the lamp on for more than 8 hours, and always let it rest at least 3 hours.

Is there any way i can fix this problem?

Any advice would be very very apreciated!
Thanks everyone!

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It looks as though it is not getting warm enough.  Try upping the wattage of the bulb.

but the bulb is still the same bulb when the lamp was still normal. is there any chance the bulb getting weaker in less than a week..? :(

Has the room temperature changed? Some times even a few degrees in room temp flux can cause a lamp to slow.

I agree with Critter, it looks to not be getting warm enough.

nope, i think the temperature was fine, its rainy season here from last month/

thanks for the advice, ill try to buy a new bulb :)

oh, btw in my lamp it is written to use 25W bulb, what happen if i use bulb with more than 25W?

Most lava lamps I have use a 30 w reflector bulb. I think that's your problem right there.


i just want to tell u guys that my lava lamp was fixed now,

i order 2 new bulbs, 25W and 30W, and it work with both bulb, maybe the older bulb was broken or something.

thank you so much, you guys are awesome! :D

just one more thing,

i've tried to use 30W bulb in my lamp (its written 25W there), is it okay for continuous usage?

It should be fine, I am suprised that it speficies a 25w bulb, ushaly its a 30w reflector.

sorry for the late reply, but thanks guys :)

now my lamp work just fine, i use 30W like u said :D

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