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Hey all!. I think i've worn out google over the past couple days... Unfortunately I don't have pics yet or any documentation/boxes anymore. I'll get some pics as soon as I get a chance.. Here's the deal..
I have 2 lamps, to the besty of my ability I've determined them to be Midnight Aristocrats from around early 90's, both black bases/caps with the starry base. a Yellow Lava/Blue Liquid #1424 and Yellow Lava/purple Liquid.1425. I bought these new back then(Lava Lite) and used quite well taken very good care of. They still work great, however I recently set them back up again and still work great.. Here's the catch.. I love this style and size(52ozers i think), and I want to add a few more.. BUT I CAN"T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.. I know they stopped making them in 2003, Do i have to get lucky on ebay or craigs or a garage sale to find them??

Thanks for the imput.. this looks to be a great site!!!

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If you bought them at Target, they were the first black Ariostocrats released, a good while before there was an official "Midnight Aristocrat" model, sold exclusively by Target in only these colors. And also, if so, have screw-on caps. Keep them away from direct sunlight or they'll fade. These are excellent lamps to begin a collection.

Nothing currently sold new in the USA matches those, in terms of quality and flow. eBay, garage/yard sales, antique shops, flea markets, thrift stores etc. are the places to go, and hunting for lamps is part of the fun. Hope you enjoy collecting!
Thanks Astroaby - I'm sure there will be plenty of questions from time to time..

Jonas - Thanks for the reply..They could have come from Target, but for some reason I'm thinking it was Menards...Call me crazy... Sorry for the ignorance, but how do I know if it's a screw on cap? Would it be like a beer bottle twistie cap? I know these have bottle cap like tops... There are some numbers on the top as well.. 3 sets of numbers if my memory serves correctly. the one has a 124D, then two more lines of about 6-8 digits each,which to me doesn't mean anything :)
the other has a 125D and same respectivly.
Sadly, it is an end of an era for lava lamps. Quality is not what it used to be or ever will be again. Only place to get older lamps is stated above, ebay, craigslist, antique shops, and the like.

A screw on cap is just that - the decorative black top is either screw on - or just sits on the top and covers the bottle cap portion. If you see a beer bottle type cap, its not a screw on top. It just sits on top.

Bohdan will likely be along soon - the numbers on the top are the color code, type, date made, etc etc. 124D and 125D are the color codes if memory serves.
so it would be helpful if I had the other numbers as well :) I can get those tonight when I get home from work...

Thanks for the input on the caps.. I was looking to deep into it I guess.. mine are the bottle cap types the the decorative black cap that just sits on top.
Yup. I picked up a clear/blue midnight on CG a week ago - think looks rarely used - $5 bux. Talk about a great price! : )
I can already see that dollars are going to add up pretty quickly.. I was reading a thread earlier that summed it up for me pretty well.. I've always been interested in the lava lamp work, I was in, then put the lamps away for a while.. I now have the bug back and stronger than ever.
Uh oh.
Welcome to the site.

Lava Lamps are as addictive as crack....and only slightly cheaper.
Welcome to the site!
I love lava lamp literature!
Hey guys - Thanks for all the welcomes and Information! Most message boards the new guy gets ignored. Everyone here seems very friendly!
Bohdan - Great stuff! Thank you..

Interesting thing happened last night.. I hadn't used the lamps for a few years, then like i said earlier I got the bug again. They've been turned on last couple nights and been functioning well. The Yellow/Purple is great. The Yellow/Blue however al of sudden their seems to be a lot of air in the globs. Any ideas? it seems to flow fine though. I took some really bad pics with the webcam last night, by the time I got home it was very late. I will get much better pics posted, but here's the crappy ones for now.
Hey, too true, this is a friendly site, Bohdan Rocks! Astrobaby too. They are really helpful guys and part of the fabric of what is Oozing Goo!
TY Bohdan. Very nice lamps.. The blue/white one is identical style to mine. I like that one.. :)

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