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Hi guys

I just want to say that I am back on Goo (finally), looking at the changes I clearly have a lot of catching up to do.

The reason for me going and so sudden is that my computer broke and to cut a long story short took a VERY long time for it to be sorted when I got my computer back (only recently) I had a lot of things to sort out as well. 

I haven't forgotten OG or lava at all and as long as my computer behaves its self I will stay on hear I am not going anywhere else. 

I look forward to getting back into the 'flow' of things

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So sorry about all your troubles,Tim, and hope all works out well for you.  Welcome back!

Yea I am fine, it was just the computer which was not

Great that you're fine, but those computer problems can be a real drag.  I just had the same prob.......UGH

Still glad you're back!
Tim Gill said:

Yea I am fine, it was just the computer which was not

Welcome back Tim!

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