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How to fix a Rainbow Grande that has an unsatisfactory paint job.

The paint job on a Rainbow Grande globe can be pretty poor looking.

If your Rainbow globe looks especially bad you can fix it using only three things.

After 30 minutes of vigorous scrubbing I was able to remove all the paint from the globe without scratching it.

My arm was very tired afterwards but it was worth it as I am very happy with my new clear/white Grande. 

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That almost makes me want to buy one for the sole purpose of making a white/clear Grande. 

I bought two Rainbow Grandes so I could remove the paint from my worst looking one.

Removing the paint greatly changes the appearance of the globe!

I like them both, but I prefer the clear/white.

Good idea! I am going to do this with one of my 52oz rainbows. 

This is fantastic. I'll buy a rainbow 52oz and rub the color off, so that it's a white/clear with a white base and cap!

What am I doing wrong?! I used the same brand of paint thinner, it just wasn't the odorless one. I also tried acetone fingernail polish remover. I'm not using the rough side of the sponge because I tested it on an inconspicuous spot and it was scratching it. I have another brand of sponges that I haven't tried but they are even rougher than the other ones. 

My plan was to clean the globe and and put a goo kit in it. The color and flow have always been terrible. I have already customized the base with Claudes color changing kit.

My kit is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I have gotten myself excited only to be let down by this stupid paint job. 

Any ideas?

Awesome James!  Makes me want to buy one, strip the paint job, open it up and add blue dye to the wax.  Always wanted a nice rich blue wax in clear fluid in that Grande/Giant size.  

My current Rainbow Grande has a fine paint job so I will keep the current one like it is now.....when (if) the Black Friday deals roll around I may do just that.  

My Globe must have some kind of super paint on it. I have been going back to it all day trying to get this stuff off. I have only gotten the top glossy coat off and now it's just a dull globe with a few specks of clear broking through. I obviouly can't stop now but this is way harder than I thought it was going to be. I would have never attempted this had I known it would be this much work. 

BTW the acetone seems to be working better than the paint thinner. 

AHole - If your using the same green scrub pads that I did then my best guess is that you are not scrubbing hard enough.

You have to scrub fairly hard in the same spot for a little while to remove any paint.

At least that is how it worked for me  ;)

Critter -  It  might be easier to simply use a goo kit with one of your bad Grandes.

I assume you have a few of those lying around like most of us thanks to LL's poor quality control ;)


Well, yeah there is that and I do have a couple that could use a redo but I have really liked the flow of the recent model Grandes....even better than goo kit flow.  But really you are right and it would be a bit lower cost.  

Ah! I just wrote a really long reply but accidentally hit the back button on my phone!

Very short summary of deleted reply...

Anyway, are those green sponges stiff? I didn't find those at the store when I got my supplies but I got several types which are all blue. The other two types have a soft side and a rough side. 

My arm feels like it's going to fall off so I'm probably done for the night. I might go to the hardware store and get different suppiles in the morning. 

I was tempted to take a little sand paper to penetrate the paint so the chemical would react better... Probably a terrible idea. I just returned a grande yesterday because the globe was covered in scrathes. Haha

Btw has anyone noticed their gookits leaving steaks inside their globe? On several of my gookit lamps they have streaks like the globe is dirty on the inside. You can't really tell unless you get right up on it but it's still pretty annoying.

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