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How to go about clearing up a cloudy lava lamp? Lava brand 20 oz clear/red

My new lava lamp has became cloudy due to a mishap of being knocked over and I would like to know the process of cleaning or somehow filtering the liquid perhaps? It has a "pop off" lid not a screw off. Please help =(

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yes i would like to know this as well. my smaller lamp red liquid, is all foggy looking. can you just run it through a coffee filter?
How do you even take off the caps that aren't screw off?
You can use a bottle opener....but it isn't recommended unless you have either a replacement screw-on bottle cap or you don't damage the original too much.
The cap is a standard size cap. So an IBC Root Beer bottle cap works or a screw-top beer bottle cap will work also.

IF you do take the cap off and try filtering the liquid. When you put the cap back on the globe be sure it is FULLY WARMED UP. If you put the cap on a cold globe, the pressure that builds up can make the globe explode. Use caution when tinkering with lava globes.

You know, I have always wondered about that. Thanks for telling me =). Bohdan was right it just cleared up. But I know now if I ever have to take it off how to go about doing so.

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