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I may have find a Colossus :-)

I'll need to pick it up by car.

How would you pack it to arrive safely at home?


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Seat belt him (or her) in the front seat. The base and cap you can put in the back seat. Thats how I got mine home. The globe weighs a good 80-100 pounds, so be prepared for a little weight lifting. I managed mine by myself, but a second set of hands would be handy!!

Just on a seat belt?

It's frightning!

I was more thinking of cardbord case filled with some foam...

Nah. Whole bunch or extra hard work for no reason. The globe's so big, it's like one of those blow up punching bags, that have the extra weight at the bottom, so it just rebounds back up. It's very bottom heavy, not top heavy. I wouldn't slam on the brakes or anything, drive carefully, a little more gently on the turns, but it will be fine. Or put him in the backseat, seat belted in, and have someone back there to make sure it doesn't move around.

If you drive like Andretti, then have someone else pick it up :-)

Not to mention, after moving it, there's no way you're going to lift it up, and then put it down in a box anyway. Trust me, wait til you have to change the lightbulb... Now THAT'S scary!!

Well, I'll see.

Not really sure it is really a Colossus, because the price is more  like an astro :-)

so if it is a real Colossus I made the deal of the century, but I'm affraid it's just a Grande, (even if the seller said it's a 50 inches lamp,the price is soo good to be true)

I'll see (but I don't want to travel a thousand km for a grande!)

The height sounds right. Get them to send out a pic of someone or something recognizable beside it. That would be a hell of a drive for a grande!!! I got mine for a steal too. Fortunately, it was only about 20 minutes from home.

It sounds like its too good to be true - always get pictures before you buy or send the seller pictures of what you think it is and see if they agree or disagree.

If it really is a colossus I think taking it back by car is not sensible it would be a idea to hire a van, get a pallet or 2 and some straps to strap it into a pallet that would mean its safer for both you and the lamp. Also its easier as you don't have a massive lamp rolling around in the back.

I think I'll put it in the trunk (vertical of course) surrounded by a lot of blankets.

First I must be sure it's not a Grande.

In the pictures it looks like a Grande, but in the description it looks like a Colossus...

you should check out Jim's maiden voyage when he went to pickup his Imperial. It took pics of his truck and how he secure her for the ride home.

I just checked Jim pics.

No way I will travel in a car with a big bottle of glass close to me like this.

In case of a crash it can be so dangerous.

Anyway, I still waiting other pictures from the seller, because this one looks like a Grande for me (the cap, and I don't see the dimmer above the cable)

What do you think?

There is no way that is a collouses - it is a grande.

Look at the size of the cable and the way it connects to the base, the size compared to the lable in the background, the overall appearance of the lamp etc.

Yes I agree.

But seller listed it as a 50 inches lamp, so...

So maybe the seller couldn't or wouldn't take a picture of his lamp and pick this one thinking it looks the same.

Yep, it's the 27 inch purple/yellow Grande.

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