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Well my town is basically destroyed, hurricane Ian brought the hurt this time. I've been in Cape Coral FL for 30 years, since I was about 3 years of age... Andrew, Charlie, and Irma. Now Ian. The island I grew up on is gone, the bridges and beaches, gone... Most of us are struggling to put our lives back together here and we are doing our best to gain some sense of normalcy.. I am happy to say that my family and I are safe and I was able to locate the majority of my lava lite collection, including my prized mathmos astro baby. I was also able to repair a small camp generator that was pulled from a flooded garage and given to me and after load calc I had enough wattage to plug in one of my lamps. It was kind of an emotional moment for me... I got into lava lamps as a way to center myself during severe night terrors and panic attacks stemming from a horrible motor vehicle incident I was involved in and with everything that's going on right now sleeping hasn't exactly been a thing I've been doing for the past few nights so I'll take any little blessings I can for now! I also wanted to share the reason I became interested in lava lamps as a serious collector, they have been a life saver for me during times of severe stress so just having one running for a bit is a huge relief. 

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Glad to know you're OK.

That's the important part

Sometimes life challenges come with an unexpected price.

The best you can do is count your blessings and let them make you stronger and wiser.

We are very fortunate despite the circumstances. A lot of people lost everything. The beaches and the barrier islands, including the island I grew up on are gone. Thank you for the kind words Claude and I just received my quart of wax and the bulbs for my astro baby. The astro and the Sputnik survived the storm by the way I was very happy to find them unscathed.

I won't have power for quite a while yet but at least I can get right back to refurbishing lamps.


MacRanium said:

I won't have power for quite a while yet but at least I can get right back to refurbishing lamps.

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