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Yay! :)

$45 shipped. :) Not too bad! And here is my favorite part:

Screw-on cap!

I know this is pretty ho-hum for most people here, but I've been trying to get one of these ever since I realized that these weren't grandes I was seeing in pictures. I had only seen one style of 52oz lamp, and I didn't like it very much.

I'm excited!

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Congrats to you! Centuries are great and that's a good deal! Enjoy your new-to-you lamp!

A Midnight Century with its original box.  Awesome find.  Thee black "Midnight' was first introduced in 1996. 

Thanks, you guys! I'm super stoked to get it...I hope it's not (yet another) ebay let-down. :-/

I love the midnight series! Make it a century, and we're golden. I'm honestly not really excited about the color of this globe, and the wax looks like it might be a bit fried, but I don't really care! Now if this was an orange/white, blue/white, or clear/orange...

And if it's too awful, it's just an excuse to kit it. :p

I'm thinking the color looks bad because of the camera they used. You can see a bit of the flair coming through at the bottom of the globe. I hope the whole thing is that great color, and it was just a crappy phone camera or something. although Ive seen the amazing things you can do with the kits. Fingers crossed. ;). Congrats!

Aww, thanks Jennifer! :)

Yes the midnights are great!! After my first I could not stop! Have 7 so far. Now I can't stop on the fluidium and Astros lol!

I know how you feel. Mine came yesterday. Perfect condition. No dents or scratches. Only problem was the bulb was burnt out and stuck. Tried rubber gloves,etc. then said screw it and busted with a screwdriver and removed with needle nose pliers. Fired it up and what a beaut. Gots to get more. :)

For me, Centuries is what Lava is all about.  Sure I have a lot of midnights and silver streak 32s and several off-brand and they are fine.  I have a couple of Grandes that are nice.  But nothing in my collection beats the flow of a good Century.  Now if I had a Giant or Colossus I might change my mind, but space concerns would still favor several Centuries over a couple of huge lamps.

After running this lamp for several days now, I have to agree...I LOVE centuries! I know it's the exact same size and shape globe as an aristocrat, but I just like the size and shape of a century base so much more. The purple on this one turned out to be GREAT! I love it! The coil was sticking halfway out of the wax plug when I first got it, but I fixed that eventually. Now it's looking great.

I also won this one recently, and hopefully it will get here tomorrow!

That will be my second century, and my very FIRST vintage lamp (1974)! :) I've heard that the older the lamp is, the more likely it is to spike...I hope that's true! I love me some major spikage!

The item description just says "red"...but I really hope that's a yellow/red, otherwise the liquid is toast, looks like. It also looks a bit cloudy. Let's hope it's not!

Ok... Dumb it down for the newbie. What's a spike? :)
Btw, this is what I don't understand... To me, your midnight century is perfect! The purple is my favorite. Purple almost anything is perfect! Anyway, why list the lamp with a picture that makes it look so unhealthy? I could tell it was taken with a cheaply camera, but come on! Look at the difference! I'm so happy for you! eBay has been a little disappointing o me lately too, so I'm jazzed that this one turned out to be so outstanding for you. :). Congrats!

Thanks! :D Yes, I'm very happy with it!

And I hear ya...WHY wouldn't they try a little harder to make their wares look desirable? That might be why it sold for $30! Oh well, I'm sure we've all gotten good deals because the seller was lazy, or couldn't take a decent picture for whatever reason. It doesn't go very far to instil buyer confidence, though...

Oh and spikes are what lava will produce sometimes when it first erupts. 90's lava lites, in spite of their great flow, don't like to spike a whole lot. Generally speaking, what happens with those is that the solid lava plug just tilts to one side, and the molten lava shoots up the side and clots up in the top. It looks like a brain and spinal cord. :p It looks cool & all, but it's ALWAYS the same. Goo kits spike really well though. :)

This is a lava spike:

That's a blue/white gookit job that I did...my second one. :)

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