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It's sellers like this you want to avoid. Look at the price. Now I can MAYBE understand that if this lamp was NEW and I mean NEW not used a few times. But Brand NEW. This lamp is worth no more than $40. The wax is lumpy and faded and it doesn't look like it was taken care of for the past 35 years.


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That's just greedy. Not to mention over priced. A premium price should net a premium product. Which would include the ORIGINAL box, paper work and what not. The item would have to be LIKE NEW to fetch that price.
"hard to find"? I think there are 3 others like this on ebay right now.
Then you email the seller to properly inform them and they get all pissed off and become insulted. This is why eBay has been so corrupted.
check out the completed auctions from the same seller....
they listed it 2 times before for less money and it didnt sell so they raised the price.............
That's hilarious.
Lol, I thought this was a joke at first. How can they justify such a price. They've little chance of a sale I think. Not even original packaging either!
Sorry to say but these jokers on ebay who start off their items with such an inflated over priced starting price are fools to themselves as they are listing it for nothing and wasting their own and everyone elses time as these will NOT sell! Their loss and all the more so because of the ebay costs too. I'm sure ebay dont mind people like this though.
Yes I saw that item also. WOW over priced.
He actually has 2 up - both over priced.
He's had that up before.... He's using the shotgun approach, just blast away and all you need is ONE hit. He hasn't had any luck yet, which is a good thing. Too many competing items.

I got the exact same lamp from e-bay a week ago for $24 BIN. I thought that that was a little high.....but looking at this auction it looks like I got a deal!

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