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I found this at the thrift store yesterday. What model is this? What Year?

I haven't a clue but the lamp is mint, crystal clear and flows like a dream...Whatever model it is, It's worth the 5 bucks I spent for sure.

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Thanks...We are enjoying the whole experience very much...our first vintage lamp and it came unexpectedly...even still has the warning sticker on the cap, too cool...
Man, I paid $60 for one just like this! The screw-cap Aristocrats are a touch to come by. Great find, Aaron.
Great find! I recently snagged a purple century from that era at my local goodwill, things like this are why I Thrift nearly everyday...

Definitely a great find!  That color combo in that size is top of the line for flow.  I think you will be very pleased with it for a long time to come!

Nice find.

Being a screw-on cap, this may predate the Midnight Aristocrat as such. I think the lamps released as Midnight Aristocrats were all after the change to bottle-cap tops. The only screw-cap black Aristocrats I've seen (aside from the 1971 Commander series, which had a matte finish) were the yellow/blue and yellow/violet ones sold exclusively through Target for a short time in the mid-1990s. If this is one of those, $5 is an amazing price!

We are indeed happy with it, looking forward to more thrift shopping for sure...Last night I mixed the final few China lamps blue/black green/black orange/yellow so in a couple weeks when our daughter gets home the lava party is on...17 lamps for this one, I'll post a few pics...

Hope your party goes well, it would be great to see some photos. Is that 17 lamps for years !

17 is all I have for lamps...so far...this coming winter I plan to build #18 from scratch and fill it with a goo kit unless another thrifty find becomes #18 before then,...

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