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Let's make a deal! I have a Shark lamp, (missing the cap, unfortunately), and I want an Americana. Tell me what you have in mind, and we'll work it out!

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Dr. What has one listed on eBay
I don't suppose you have a link, I couldn't seem to track it down?
Got it, and I'll be bidding. Thanks, Dr.!
Dang! Someone jump me the last seconds! Oh, well, congrats on getting a nice price, Dr., it wasn't meant to be, I guess!
There is another one on Ebay right now - NIB but globe looks cloudy.
Ha! I got my Americana! Only three left on my dream list.

Coca Cola Boardin' Bear

Of course, once I get these there will be another one or two that I just have to have!
I've never seen one, just the photo. Someone, somewhere has them in a basement or an attic, and they'll show up on the market.
That's a pretty cool one, but I was talking about the other Batman, where his body is the lamp base.

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