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I have the worst damn luck - GooKit Grande with bubbles

How does this happen? I've probably run this lamp 6 times and now the wax is full of bubbles. It didn't use to be like this. Anyone else had this happen? 

I followed all the instructions. It's on a 100W flood bulb w/ tinfoil (otherwise it takes way too long to get going). 

I am sad. :(

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You know I didn't ask this but do you keep this grande in a drafty part of your house? this will effect flow big time especially gookit wax since it's much softer then reg LL wax.

Erin said:

Hmmm. It doesn't feel too hot. My 40W 32oz. lamps are hotter! 

I will keep experimenting. I was just about to buy another GooKit, too, but I am holding off now due to the price hike ($5) and waiting to see how this one pans out. 

Nope. Not drafty at all. 

Good to know. I made both of them exactly the same. Thanks for weighing in Mike. 

Mike(Blind Faith) said:

I get this sometimes with the one you made for me but usually after six or so hours of being on the lamp looks fantastic... I think it might be a heat issue. 

I am still interested. Text me! 

Mike(Blind Faith) said:

Anytime. I am going to upload a pic of the beauty soon. 

Also I think I have a price for you on the Elec-Trick if you're still interested.

All of mine have bubbles and stick to the glass, although mine arent nearly as bad as yours. Honestly I have not ran my goo kit lamps in over 6 months because of how disappointed I am with them.

If I may suggest.... get the lamp flowing at the lowest possible heat and run there for awhile it should help. This is what I did to my blue white giants which are notorious for bubbles in the wax.

Thanks so much for the tips everyone. I really want this lamp to work.

Autmn, you know I haven't had the best luck with GooKits either. Sadly, when I was messing with this one the other day, I think I saw a place where it was sticking, too. :(

I'll take out the tin foil and try again. I just can't figure out what causes the bubbles. They are trapped in the wax right now, even when it's cold. 

How is it looking Erin?

Crap, totally forgot to turn it on last night. :(

you dorkus :)

I know. Attention span of a gnat over here. 

awww your more like a puppy Erin :)

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