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I have the worst damn luck - GooKit Grande with bubbles

How does this happen? I've probably run this lamp 6 times and now the wax is full of bubbles. It didn't use to be like this. Anyone else had this happen? 

I followed all the instructions. It's on a 100W flood bulb w/ tinfoil (otherwise it takes way too long to get going). 

I am sad. :(

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Ran all night. Woke up this morning to find a few big blobs moving up and down. Lava is not getting all the way to the top, which to me, indicates not enough heat. Still bubbles in the wax, but fewer. Also, my wax is now sticking at the base of the globe. :(

I initially added 55ml of surf. The sticking seems to be a recent thing. Thank you for the advice Spence. 

Yeah you really have to get in the globe and scrub hard with surf mix. Erin I would email Magmatower about it. I'm willing to bet they ran a bad batch then and she will check that for you. This sounds exactly like the wax Jim and I got once. Too many bubbles and sluggish flow. Good goo wax will always run hot on 100 watt bulb.

What's weird is it USED to run fine. And, I scrubbed the HELL out of that globe! It was spotless. I will contact Magma Towers and see what they have to say. 

Thanks for your help everyone. :)

Thank God I don't suck this bad at Goo Kits.  :-P

Oh shush. I did it by the books. I blame the GooKit, not me. 

Well, there are far less bubbles now, but I did notice this blob of fuzz about a week ago. This will be my last GooKit. I apparently am cursed here and that, coupled with the rise of costs for GooKits...well, it was fun while it lasted (which wasn't that long). 

I would name that Grande my "Orange Tapioca"

LOL I might just do that. 

I have been using the goo kits for over a year now, and have made at least thirty lamps... I have experienced both the bubbles and the sticking to the side of the glass. The bubbles are not actually air, it is the surf/water fluid getting mixed in. It usually fixes itself after a while, but I have also drained out the fluid when cold, then heated up the wax solution (keeping it in the globe) and allowed it to cool again. The water then rises to the top and you can dump it out. As far as the wax sticking to the side of the glass, I had to buy a good bottle brush and use water around 120 degrees to clean the globes prior to filling. I also rinse out the globes with surf fluid and shake it up good, allowing suds to form on the bottom before pouring in the wax (using the funnel and tube so as not to splash). This all seems to help. Even so, I still get wax sticking to the sides on occasion. I haven't cracked the code entirely, but these things seem to help. Good luck.

^ I've done much of the same. Scrubbed the globe with a brush, used super hot water to clean the globe. It wasn't sticking at first, but did after awhile (and it's stuck now, only at the bottom - can't really see it). I did rinse out the globe with surf water, too, suds and all. 

I'm ok with it...it's less bubbly now, but this will be the last GooKit I ever buy. To each their own. Too much hassle and cost for me. I'll just admire others' lamps. :) 

I had a Mathmos Jet that began to stick too .. First i tried to clean it the usal way as described in the GooKit guide, with very hot water, soap and a brush .. This didnt work at all .. It began to stick the same night again .. So i tried pouring out all the stuff again and this time i did it with Gasoline and around 5 other hardcore chemicals.. Poured everything back in.. But it was STILL sticking! I tried it a last time and this time i used Cillit Bang (Easy-Off BAM) .. And that did the trick.. Havent been sticking ever since.. Just a suggestion Erin if you ever happen to get to clean a globe again .. ! 

Unfortunantly all the pouring out and in with the mentioned Jet, i have lost so much wax that the flow has become boring now .. :/

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