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I spend a lot of time watching places on the web where I can find some old Crestworth at good price.

The other day I saw a Cosmos (orange Glitterlite) in very good condition at 10eur!

(this is very rare to find this prices in France) so I grabbed my phone and...

... I was the second one.

another person already bought it :-(

This is the second time I see a Cosmos at 10eur, and the second time I miss it (first was few days after the add, this one is less than a couple of hours).

Just wanted to share my frustration ;-)

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Third time lucky!

Here in France we say: "never 2 without 3" which mean: "If it happens to you twice, it will happen a third time"

I prefer your saying, but we'll see :-)

Aaaaaargh  also, a friend of mine (living in the same village) bought this lamp 5 mn before me. He is starting a collection after seeing mines at home. New fans are coming...Good start for him...

If your friend bought this lamp 5mn before you, it means I missed it for less than 5mn as the woman told me I was the second on her list!

Less than 5mn!

it kills me :-0

untill people knew about the france - cosmos thing it wasnt hard at all to find cheap cosmos there but someone always has to spill the beans...

As I said: "never 2 without 3"

OK this is not another Cosmos at 10eur but...

Few weeks ago, I found a Cosmos for sale at 60eur, and managed to get it at 30. Not a bargain, but still a correct price.

I sent the check and wait for the lamp. Finaly the lady told me she didn't notice first a defect on the lamp, so she wanted to send be back my check to be honest. (hum?).

I tried to ask her a little discount for the defect, but no, the only thing she wanted was to send me back the check.

No need to be Columbo to understand she found another buyer ready to pay premium price for her (already sold) lamp.


Well today I was lucky at last!

another Cosmos but a lava one (not my favorite) shows at 20eur.

This time this was only 30km from my house.

Of course it was West of Paris (and I'm located Est side).

As you may know, it is a nightmare to cross a big capital city everyday, but it is worst when Christmas is coming.

I spent 3 hours in the traffic Jam, but I got my third Cosmos! (someone else already phoned and offered double price to the lady, but this one was really honest!)

Oh, and on my way back, I collected an early metal jet with dead wax from another seller at a good price.

Not a bad day after all :-)

nice one! 20 € is a total bargain!

I'd rather have a glitterlite than a lava bottle, but yes it's not so bad :-)

I was pretty sure you bought it when I call too late yesterday.Nice buy.

I agree with you glitterlite never get too old and make a fabulous athmosphere.

Sorry :-)

Are you the one who offered double price to the lady?

no of course

Astralav said:

Sorry :-)

Are you the one who offered double price to the lady?


I wonder how many calls this old lady will get, as the add is still online .

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