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I'm taking a collection - disaster relief for Weebotech (Rob)

Weebotech (Rob) has lost nearly everything due to Hurricane Sandy. :( House, car, all of it... wrecked. Rob has been an amazing friend and acquaintance to many of us here. I can personally attest to his caring nature and kind spirit. Many of those (including Rob) will not have any sort of financial help from insurance as this was a flood, and people don't tend to carry flood insurance when you live in a place that doesn't flood. 

I'm going to keep this short and add details as I know them, but I'm taking up a collection. If you'd like to donate, please contact me via PM and I'll give you my Paypal addy. 

All donations will go to Rob. Period. I will keep a list of all donations, but will not post anything here in terms of amount. Maybe a total when we're done. 

Any amount helps. A huge thanks to Kira for keeping me informed and getting this started. I'd like to leave this open for at least a few weeks, making disbursements to Rob as soon as we get enough funds. 

Some of you are FB friends with Rob - you can see pics of the damage there and contact him, if you'd like. 

Have questions, ask away. Let's get this started and help our friend. 

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Now, let's make Rob blush a little bit: what is his best quality? Well, I think he's very kind & always wants to help.

And you guys??

LOL, Thanks Guys, I cannot express how touched I am!!!

''You reap what you sow'': that applies PERFECTLY to you!! (and I am NOT talking about Sandy!) ;-)
WeeboTech said:

LOL, Thanks Guys, I cannot express how touched I am!!!


    I will take you up on this offer but I want you to list the lamp and send the proceeds to Erin, both of us can help this way.


Loren said:

I am not doing so hot right now, as far as money goes, but I want to help.

I will donate two custom lamps to the next two people who give $100 to this cause.

After you've sent the gift on paypal, let Erin know what you would like!

...And I'm really sorry to the people who have already donated. I'm sorry I didn't think of this sooner! I was too busy feeling useless. :-/

Rob, more donation money has been sent today and yesterday. Please let me know that you've received it when you get a chance. :)

Isabelle Martin said:

What a GREAT idea!! I'm SURE it would work.
Jim said:

Damn Tim - that is so cool.  More than ever I regret I was Nottingham-bound on my entire trip to England and we never got a chance to meet.  Not sure if there are any legal things that come into play on eBay, but I wonder if modifying your listing to indicate that it is a charity auction would boost the bids?  Maybe a little background on Weebo's/Rob's impact from Sandy, etc.?  Hell - knowing the amount of business Weebo did with UK sellers, one of them may pick it up just to provide a little help to a fellow lava lamp connoisseur. 

Thanks Everyone, I appreciate all the help you are able to give!!! My heart is humbled by your kindness!

Thank you Erin and Kira for championing the effort.

I got a lead today about 2 apartments opening up in Coney island in 3 weeks, Hopefully I'll have a home soon!

Rob's best quality? Being the calm during the storm - literally and figuratively. I know he's talked me down before and I've always appreciated his level head and tone. :)

what a great community we have.. it means so much us coming together on this. Thank you O.G.

We have been doing tons of fund raisers and collecting boxes of house goods, clothes, hygiene products...etc to send up this weekend in a semi from one of our resource centers...remember .. it all helps.


This exactly - I owe my continued presence here on Oozing Goo to Rob.  He gave a damn enough to insist on a phone call to discuss issues I was having on the site.  Suffice it to say that his phone call meant a lot to me and I have considered him a friend ever since.  If I had known Rob prior to getting married he would have gotten an invite

Erin said:

Rob's best quality? Being the calm during the storm - literally and figuratively. I know he's talked me down before and I've always appreciated his level head and tone. :)

WOW what a treasure trove of compliments, Thanks guys. I strive everyday to bring spirit into our lives and you all prove that it happens! A day doesn't go by where I am grateful and thankful for all I have and all I get to participate with. We are all on a journey together, perhaps in different tangents, yet still always together.  Thanks!

My pride is in calling you friend. I may not show it all the time, but I treasure every nuance of our relationships! Thank you all!

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