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I still need two empty 52 ounce bottles in excellent condition.....

Before I resort to E-bay,  I still need two empty 52 ounce bottles in excellent condition.  They need to be the type that use a pry-off
(bottle opener) metal cap.  See example
type in the image. 

  To trade,  I have ink/die for paraffin/Perc.  I have all 3 primary colors and black (see image).  Each block will color at least 60 of the 52 ounce lamps.  I use it and it’s excellent for lava goo, blends well for those tough colors.  I believe there is no better die available that is as rich, paraffin based and the right melting point.  I also have one GE Edison Series Flood Halogen 40 watt  PAR16 120V lamp/bulbs.
They are especially good for keeping lamp bases cool with a inner reflector and
super white halogen module.  They work
great in all my 52 ounce LW lamps and are about the same size as the stock LW
40 watt bulbs.

 Got bottles? Let’s trade……send me a buddy request/message.




p.s.  I will post a picture within a week or so of an Aristocrat lamp that I used the die with.   I’ve chosen a color combination that I’ve never seen before.  Maybe somebody has done it but it was a lot of trial and error and uses super-saturated wax with what looks like white snow flakes in it.

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Thanks everybody. I have some bottles on the way soon.

Cool show us pics when you get the projects rolling!
I will do that.


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