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I might follow in some other footsteps here and give up on lava lamps for a while. Seems like everyone I get - it's junk, I have to filter it, it doesn't flow right or just doesn't flow at all. I have wasted more time and money fixing them, than enjoying them.

I have only 3 or 4 lamps that actually work. 2 are china lamps that I had to fix. One was filtered and one had to have the coil replaced. I have 2 midnight lamps that just work. The others are crap. I have lava lamps in boxes I have never even used - god only knows what they look like and if they work.

I am just really tired of throwing my money away on these things. They are cool and beautiful and all that, but not worth the headache. Either the lamp is china junk, the midnights/older lamps are at the end of their lives or you pay out the arse for a mostly new lamp. It just sucks. Really frustrating at this point.

For instance, I have 3 red/clear china globes. Two form the store, one from lava world. NONE flow. They blob up and thats it. One I replaced the coil on, lets off 2 blobs. That's it. Crap crap crap!

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This is a collector site. Louie is not a collector he is an engineer/inventor. Louie's primary work is designing and building high dollar race cars. Lava is his passion and his sideline is building amazing huge commerical lava installations. The goo kits he puts together are for others who love lava and really doesn't make any money on them. They are available to us simply because of mutual lava love.
He really doesn't have alot of time for the internet and is rarely online. Even if he was it's apparent I've been unable to make it clear Louie cannot help you with your questions regarding lava lite and lava world lamps. He doesn't have any, he makes his own and doesn't mess with or know much about the stuff we "collect" except that it's crap.
Bottom line if you want great lava, get some louie goo as it's the only place we can get good goo and crystal clear water.
NO WAY there is no flipping "responsibility" of any member to make any posts to forums. If that were the case we would have almost 1000 posts a day.

As an owner of over 100 USA Lava Lite and Mathmos lamps I have posted my true delights at the joy of finally having great lava in great fluid as that has been the #1 concern and issue of members since I joined. There is not now nor ever been any kind of "expectation" at all. Use it or not. Louie goo is an OPTION and a damn good one.

You are putting Louie down simply because I LOVE THE GOO AND HAVE MADE A POINT TO SHARE THE LOVE DUE TO MY PERSONAL EXCITEMENT. Louie has done nothing but agreed to have kits made up in advance so they can be shipped promptly to members of this and another website that want clear lamps they don't have to mess with. On the other website members have flocked to buy Louie goo and are all having super results, here in the US, South America and Europe. Zero complaints and lots of accolades.

This is about CHOICE. I would suggest you CHOOSE to not read my posts or look at my pics. You are putting a person and a product down you have no first hand knowledge of so your baseless rantings are not of help to anyone.

I will continue to help/assist any member on this or the other site that is interested in easy, high quality no hassle crystal clear refills. I do this soley because I love lava and understand the passion folks have wanting crystal clear beautiful flowing lamps.
Woodvetch -

I have always enjoyed everyone's help here and will continue to do so. This is a wonderful site and I thank Mark for making it possible. I knew about Louie Goo from way back. I researched it and researched it and researched it some more. Even before you tried it out. I decided against it due to cost, not enough answers, the website was kinda poorly done and whoever was doing the goo seemed more interested in BIGGER - COMMERCIAL projects than the smaller ones we have here. That along with the fact that his goo is transparent. No different than the cheap china wax that's in the red/clears I am seeing now.

I and I am sure many others, do not like that type of wax. It looks cheap to me (not sure about anyone else) and it does not have that "lava" feel to it. This is my frustration and why I posted this thread. I love lava to death but Louie Goo is not a replacement.

I don't know you at all except from here. However as of late, the more I read your posts, the more I have to ask - How are you benefiting from Louie? Are you getting free stuff to push his product? I ask myself that because your posts (albeit you might be excited), seem less like posts and more like infomercials. You push Louie Goo like it's the next wave of lava world. That's all fine and dandy if you like it. It's just - that's all that is posted by you now really. You can even make a normal post and then right near the end you throw in a one liner about "high quality no hassle crystal clear refills" like you are reminding me to pick some up at the check out stand before I go home.

Again, no disrespect to you or him. I know if I was making a product and selling it and people had questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. If he does not have the time, then he does not have the time. I won't buy. You should not have to hear how his stuff works from a 3rd party.

That's just my opinion.
I get nothing from Louie but wonderful goo. He has several different types of goo that look and do different things. He has the denser wax you are speaking of and I have some coming now. I'll share the results.

Since I've been a member every single day there are complaints one after another about cloudy lamps. My "big push" has been and will be to let folks know in forum and pics the amazing clarity of using just water and surfactant as an option for having lamps that will not cloud. It is a wonderful thing.

Louie is happy to answer questions. Give him a call. The folks on the other website have all called him.
Not sure who said Woodvetch was bullshitting. Other than you. I know I didn't. Nobody is picking anything apart either. All I was saying is Woodvetch is starting to sound like Vince from ShamWOW! You'll be saying WOW everytime. That's what goes through my head when I read his/her posts. Lol. It does not take a genius to figure out what is good and what isn't. Anyone with some time under their belt and can read would be able to tell you that. Just because it works, does not mean it's better. It's ironic how you bash others for having an opinion on something they have not tried, yet defend the same thing you yourself have never used. Go figure.

If LG is good and works for Woodvetch, then great! If anyone wants to try it, even better. Anyways, it really does not matter at this point. Get what you think will work for you.
Wow, there is a lot of he said, she said going on here. Plain and simple, the majority of us are fed-up with Lavaworld-Lavalite and their china goo, we are looking for solutions so that we can enjoy our lamps. Woodvetch has found a solutions that works for her and she is excited about it, read her discussions and you will find that she has experimented with other solutions and is not satisfied with them.
For those who are interested in LavaLouie's goo, yes it would be nice if he joined the discussion, but he does not owe this forum anything. He does, however, owe his customers, and if he is busy running his business, why should he post here?
For those of us searching for the right answer, the search continues. When time allows, I will try to make my own goo, if only for the challenge. I will also continue to enjoy Woody's pictures, and her descriptions of Louie's goo and its characteristics. If I am convinced that it will be opaque and of smooth quality, I will try that in the future also. But for now, older lamps from thrift stores, yard sales and eBay will suffice.
Allow me to be the first to give the obligatory "Can't we all just get along?" quote that someone always gives when there's a web war. :O)

Just a few thoughts:

- Well I just read the thread and it was weird how it turned into this.

- I'm not an ex hippie, but I still love the pot.

- WoodV honestly just sounds very excited and happy over her beautiful clear lamps and wants to share this with everyone. They really are beautiful (IMO) and after years of dealing with LW's cloudy crap I can't blame her.They obviously did in the past make great lamps but now they're just a vile crap producing whore.

-Lava Louie: I find it hard to believe that he makes no profit from his goo, as it's not cheap to buy. No clue what it cost him to buy so maybe I'm wrong... but people usually sell things to make a profit.

- A few years ago I bought some Louie goo and loved it. I made two plain/translucent 32's (which turned an odd color) and an odd powder blue colored one (I had gotten some pre colored too). I really didn't use them that much and then didn't use them (or most of my lamps) for a few years (I'm very bad with dates so give or take a year or whatever).
When I then finally did light em up again all three never worked again. The goo would totally melt but never moved. Maybe it just needed some surfactant or maybe it just stops working after sitting for long periods.
I don't know. Maybe that problem has been fixed by now. But that worries me.

- It's silly to think that Louie has an obligation to post on a board because he's a member. I guess it would be nice to just be able to post here and question him, but evidently he does have that big business going and has other things to do (like work on that amazing body! ;O) Who even knew he had it?? ) but post here. It would be different if he popped in and said "Hey, my stuff's the shit... buy it!!!" and then went away... but he's willing to answer on the phone, or his wife maybe does, so that's not unreasonable.

-I'd definitely try his stuff again after seeing Wood's pics, but I'll wait to see if they remain flow able... I bet they do or otherwise Louie would be getting a lot of pissed off people after him. He does sell those huge beauties which are expensive so I'm assuming they work long term. I hope. I wish I knew why mine stopped flowing.

- What is this "other place" that people post at and buy Louie's goo??

- Vince from "Shamcrap":
Supposedly he's an ex brain washed member of that psyco cult Scientology who was basically thrown out by them and now uses the money he gets (from scamming people with his lies and getting them to buy his crap) to go against the Scientolo-whacko's.
I don't know how true all that is, but I did read it here at "scepchick" http://skepchick.org/blog/ ).

-Resume the fight!! ;O)
Oh, and this line was pretty funny! " I just need to get a capper on my end (well, not literally)". :O)

I wish this place had some damn smilies... I can't stand being limited to :O) ;O) 8^ ) and so forth.
Dear god - what the heck happened here???
Now would be a good time for everyone to have a piece of just from the oven pie with a cold glass of milk.
Hmmmm pie.

K = a gal
Collector of over 100 USA made Lava Lite lamps in midnight, electrik, ceramic, silver, gold, 32z, 52z, 250z.
Delighted watcher of 6 Louie goo refilled crystal clear Grandes and 2 52z's.
Passionate about moving color.
Wow didn't think there were kids on this site. GROW UP PEOPLE SERIOUSLY!
"I'd really like a collector's edition lava lamp ceramic bust of Elly May Clampett please. Some of that bubble gum pink Quisp lava to go along with her would be far out! Talk about a stimulus package."

Thank you for that visual...;)

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