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Well, I got a lava lamp sometime last year. And I would leave it on for rather long periods of time. Anyway, I turned it off one day, after it had been on for about 5 solid days. I let it cool, and then decided to turn it back on. And it wouldn't flow!! I left it on for 2 days, and all it did was melt, turn into a giant bubble, and sit at the bottom. Occasionally it would rise to the top, but thats all that would happen. I think i let it get too hot.. but i really dont know... Please help! Im thinking i just might have to get a new blub, but i'd like to fix this one if at all possible.

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I dont even know what make and model.. but yeah. the coil does look like its got something on it.
Ummm, no. Its tall. Yeah, I can post a picture.
That type of lava lamp isn't as good on quality as the Lava Lites or Creative Motion. I had 2 lavas like yours there and only one kept on flowing like it always did...the other the wax just collects at the top and doesn't do a lot more than that.

Leaving that type of lava lamp on for more than the recommended 8 - 10 hours will quickly burn them out.

If you want to get creative you can empty out that globe and buy a Lava Lite product either glitter or lava...probably a 32oz size. If you can't get one that size get two 20oz in the same color and you can transfer the contents into your old globe so you can still use the floor lamp as is just with new lava inside.

Hopefully it really isn't burned out, but that's what it sounds like.

Nope, im pretty sure its burnt out. I think ill just get me a new one though (from a reputable source). Any suggestions on a good manufacturer?

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