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I won lavalite's contest they had on facebook to win a 52oz 50th Anniversary lamp! Pictures to come when the lamp actually arrives. Fingers crossed in that it gets here okay; I live in Tucson, Arizona and the outside temperatures in nearby Phoenix get well above 100 degrees.. Here in Tucson it gets up to the high 90s and low 100s. The last lamp they sent me was crystal clear and fine. I hope this one arrives clear..

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very cool.. and i get the heat humidity thing.. I live in New Orleans.. welcome to the sauna ... Congrats..

Good for you!  Congrats!  I hope it arrives in fine shape!!!

Thanks everyone! I'm super excited for it to arrive, in whatever condition it arrives. Its always a little stressful when shipping in the summer, but I'm prepared for the worst.

Lucky man! I need to start paying more attention to the Facebook contests. May your 50th ride clear, shiny and chrome! Well... brushed gold tone but

 Sweet !! Cool that someone we know won it.

OMG hit 89 here 2day but with the humidity factored in felt like 100!!!  I'm waiting to have my 50th grande shipped until the end of October, beginning of November, but I'll play it by the temps.  I want a good stretch of cooler temps!! 


Kira, I don't know much bout New Orleans, but I am at the Jersey shore and anywhere surrounded by water tends to be hot and humid!!!  I know the skeeters in New Orleans are bad as well as they are here!!!

That's awesome. I've been trying to win for ages with no luck! lol

I think you'll be ok Ian.  I just had an orange/black shipped and although it came crystal clear it hazed up after launch, but that was no fault of the shipping since it came clear.  Nice win!!!  I've put my name in for those contests as well but never heard anything........Another member had her 52 oz anniv, shipped and it came clear.  Pics when you get it???!!!!!

Has it arrived yet?  If so, how is the flow?

It hasn't arrived yet..... I'm concerned, because last time I won a contest, they sent me a tracking number and it was here in like 4 days, but they emailed me 10 days ago. They also haven't sent me a tracking number... Which is fine, I mean I won it in a contest, so its not like I paid for it or anything. But still.. If I haven't gotten it by Wednesday, I am going to write to them and check up. Fingers crossed that it is actually on its way, and it arrives clear!!

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