Oozing Goo - The Lava Lamp Syndicate

in the next month i will be listing about 50  lamps on ebay...or get them here first....

boxed diablo mint 150


unboxed diablo 125





red swirl boxed

blue swirl

green swirls

orange flourescent/electric

green flou/electric

2 planters both have flow issues..

a boxed consort that has og wax/water but just hangs at the top...

also and alien lamp with the baby alien inside

and some fiber optic lamps

 an alpha model 1050 and some others...

replys to mandysbus@yahoo.com


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sent you an email! ;) haha
Emailed. :)

cranky with clear water/purple lava....
pics are not loading for me...
orange flourescent shiny orange orange liq/white lava....in box i think this was never run

green flourescent in og box shiny green looks like it was never run...
red swirl box sez redliq/white lave...but is is a clear liq/red lava in the box
consort...with nice original box ...og wax/water...but needs some help,
nice cap and gold bottle holder..
wood base has some water marks...
Would still like the Consort. Sent you an email. :)
selling any #17 or #19 90's midnights?
Hi there. I just sent an e-mail too.
i have a couple of #17s they havent been run in 5 years

# 17s have to check flow on these...and a rare aztec "sungold" globe have the base around here somewhere..
alien icon
alien lime green bottle
midnight aristocrat blue liq/white lava
silver aristocrat blue liq/yellow lava
I would also be interested in the Aztec Sungold if the flow is good.
Looks like the #17 third from the left in the first pic is prolly in good shape. I'm interested, if you can check the flow and clarity of both 17's that would be awesome. Are the teals complete or globe only?

Let me know, you can PM me if you like. How much?

The lime green one looks sweet too. I am not looking for specialty bases right now, just standard midnights. Also, let meknow about this one as well.
im especially interested in the blue and green swirls. id take the red too, if it was a white/red globe haha. then i could have the set.
also, bones and diablo :)
the sun gold aztec needs work the lava is original,i think someone may have filled it with regular water..
it rises to the top and stays there...
taking offers on it.....
...i think it is a very rare color lamp i've only ever seen one on ebay in 10 years of collecting

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