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in the next month i will be listing about 50  lamps on ebay...or get them here first....

boxed diablo mint 150


unboxed diablo 125





red swirl boxed

blue swirl

green swirls

orange flourescent/electric

green flou/electric

2 planters both have flow issues..

a boxed consort that has og wax/water but just hangs at the top...

also and alien lamp with the baby alien inside

and some fiber optic lamps

 an alpha model 1050 and some others...

replys to mandysbus@yahoo.com


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#17 teal pics running and aztec pics..
#17 teal flow[IMG]http://i130.photobucket.com/albums/p279/mandysbus/DSC03878.jpg[/IMG]


aztec sun gold lamp...i guess it flows better that i remember,still kinda cloudy

Teal looks good. PM what your asking for it.
blue base wizard with clear water blue lava

Let me know if you sell that red Wizard base. :)
blue wizard is still available....
bones/diablo[unboxed] and greel swirl are sold...

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