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As many of you know lava lite promised to improve the quality of their lamps. The new lamps should have started rolling out in November. Has anyone bought a lamp recently?


I got a grande that was from the "fixed" batch of lamps. It arrived very cloudy but quickly cleared up after a few days. It is still a little cloudy but it looks like it will clear up in time. The wax does not have the urinal cake look to it and it also doesnt overheat nearly as fast as the old grandes. I have talked to a few others who also got the "fixed" grandes and theirs are not doing as good as mine is.


Another thing I thought I would share is I was at Kmart yesterday and I opened some lamp tubes. Every lamp I pulled was crystal clear, even the black wax lamps were clear. None of these lamps had a hint of cloudyness, sadly they were all 8oz and 20oz lamps. The date on the lamps was November 10th. I did not buy any so I dont know how they flow but it looks promising.


I did leave with one lava brand product that I am really happy with.

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HI.I have a #14 globe I'd Like to trade for it.

James Reiche said:
I have a 32 oz - #28 green/white globe that I would trade for a 32 0z -  #14 clear/pink globe.
Hi Do you wanna trade a #20 globe for a #26?

Blind Faith said:
I did find NBC lamp last year but the globe was faded to a old vintage look so no tampering on that. I've collected for years and have only obtained one green white so far. Old connections at Spencer's still linger not as good but hook ups on old displays still linger. As for bad China's I've only owned two bad ones with bad coils.So I will wait til the new 52's come out or buy a few 20oz Green Whites and do some transfers. I wish someone here had a spare I have four Red Whites and would gladly trade for a Green White or even a Purple White

Jim said:
Green/white 52 ounce is far from common and should fetch a tidy sum.  Finding a 32 ounce green/white for my green swirl was hard enough, finding a 52 ouncer will be real tough.  Might be easier to find 2 32 ouncers and do a refill.

Stanley Post said:

You should not have a problem finding one on Fleabay as this is a popular color combo. :)

You dont want to take a chance on a new cheap one, trust me, you may get lucky and receive

a nice clear one, but 9 chances out of 10, it will be cloudy.

You dont want that frustration factor ;)

If you live in the US, see if you can find a Spencer's Gifts store. That way you can SEE before you buy :)

That, or one off Fleabay made in the 90's is your best bet.

I want a purple/white!!!

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