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Is this a reasonable price for a beautiful French glitter?

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Lava and glitter are at a low now, price-wise. That looks to be in good condition and strand glitter is pretty rare, though I've never seen multi-colored strand glitter in an older lamp like that. If this is a lamp you're specifically after, I'd say go for it. I'd say the price is reasonable, but I'd rather pay $150 or less for it. 

It's a nice lamp, but it could be a tad cloudy.  I think I'd be a buyer at $100.  :>)  

So many of these old glitter lamps need refurbishing.  Seriously.  I just bought a couple of vintage USSR glitters on Etsy, and after lots of cleaning, refilling, and updating the electrics, I LOVE THEM.  Pics soon.

The cost of fixing these vintage glitters really should be considered before making a purchase.  

Just my thoughts... 

I'd pay about $60-100 for one of these, but that's just me. These square "crinkle globe" models are one of the more common 'fancy' French glitters (that is, as opposed to one of the cylindrical ones). I usually see them with red or orange liquid, clear with the multi-color bottom paint is slightly less common in these but not rare.

I looks like the seller changed the lamp that was originally in that auction.  Originally it was one of those with the oval or tear drop shaped hole in an aluminum tube body.  The one they changed it to is not anywhere near as interesting.

The type you mean is also common, but slightly less so. Interesting switch.

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