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ford lava lite? a little pricey in my opinion....


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right on.
i just thought it was super funny they are asking almost $500!
i wonder if it is a joke auction or a misplaced decimal point or what....
It's a junk lamp! Interesting design, wrongly executed... should have used REAL diamond plate!
I just saw that too, I'd seen it on another site, when I was looking at the dead man's hand lamp that was made around the same time. I too think some people just have a screw loose and don't do their homework when it comes to listing collectables. the sad part is that someone out there who is not as imformed will probably buy it and think they got something really special, when in truth they are getting a piece of junk....
i did email
i asked where it was listed as ford tough and if the starting price was right
i got a note back saying when the person got it, it was given the name ford tough
no comment on the price, though

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