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It used to look like this, now it looks like THIS !!!

On this one my filter did its job. The original was so foggy I filtered it twice.


Here's the before:




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Now look:



Nice job, the filter works wonders as long as the wax corporates with you lol. When you filtered did you do it once and let it run for a good week or so and then filter again? or filtered twice in one shot?

Twice in one shot, it was so foggy. The only downside has been the lava seems a tiny bit less heat sensitive.


My foggy Marley grande I did just once, and its still a bit foggy. I'll put pics up over the weekend or early next week.



Yeah sometimes when filtering it'll take out a small amount of the go-go juice. I have a old blue/white grande which was cloudy as hell when I got, I think I've filtered 4 times already (maybe more cant recall) and now I need to have a bulb extender on it for it to run like it should. It just shoots little blobs up without one. You may have to filter it again as time goes on.

what I want to do is put back in whatever chemical got filtered out erroneously....add a little extra glycol or ethylene glycol or whatever and improve the flow. The wax is fine, and I don't want to mess with it.


No room for a bulb extender.

Well let us know how it goes.  I've never had a issue with a bulb extender not fitting on a giant or grande base. It'll put that bulb right underneath the globe and does make a difference on sluggish globes.
Ah there is room...just looked where would I get that..Lowes? Home Depot? Do they stilll make em for this ever rarer bulb?

Dr.What, do you have to use a 75 watt if you use a bulb extender? When Bohdan was here still he had a pic where the globe cracked from the bulb being to close. Also would this make the globe brighter, as my grande green blue is very dark blue but crystal clear.


You know, it *is* a china so a cracked globe is not an impossibiliy....

I don't remember where I got it,  I think Home Depot (it was so long ago) but I'm sure any hardware store will have it, they are like $3-$5. It will would work for the grandes bulbs or any bulb with the same sized brass threading which is most appliance bulbs.


@ Kemp no I still use the 100watt just on this globe since it's a sluggish one. I recall that globe Bohdan had and when it cracked. I had a 52 oz. do the same to me without a bulb extender on it and with a 40 w bulb so I think it just may have been a weakness in the glass. The older globes are definitely a thicker glass then the new china cramps (lol). The only time I've had to use a extender was on this blue/white grande and it's been a good 5 years with this still going. I've checked the bottom of the glass and all looks normal still. It wont make the globe brighter just a tad hotter. You should try putting it out in the sun for a couple weeks that'll lighten up the blue some.


no, it wasn't cracked before and then a giant crack formed on the bottom.
I know same with the 52 oz I had it was fine until one day it cracked.. Cheap lamps = cheap globes. There's other way to get your lamp to heat up more besides a bulb extender (like putting a towel about the globe), but a bulb extender is more of a permanent solution.

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