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It used to look like this, now it looks like THIS !!!

On this one my filter did its job. The original was so foggy I filtered it twice.


Here's the before:




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Spence is saying 100 watt on a bulb extender is to hot and can crack the globe according to Bohdan here. http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/selling-10-r20-100-watt-light
well its been 5 years or so with mine and no issue.
100 watt or 75 watt, maybe it is just like playing roulette with a grande. LoL
lol maybe it is. My blue /white grande was a limited release and is when they first switched over to china crap so maybe the globes then were better made like the giants etc.
My grande came from amazon crystal clear

Really how long ago did U get it from Amazon? I just dove on a black and clear grande from an amazon third party...expecting that I'll definitely be using my new filter...


2011 chrismas, crystal clear but the liquid looks slightly to dark.

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